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Choose the most effective ways of protecting your chimney

Are you planning to construct a brand new chimney on your house? Or maybe you want to undertake a renovation of an old one and bring it up to date? No matter what you are dealing with, you will want to invest in the best chimney accessories currently available on the market. That is why we had to include in our offer various products necessary for sealing connections and making sure your house is protected from all the external factors. Explore our full offer and choose the best chimney accessories right now.

Invest in the most durable chimney accessories

The tapes and chimney accessories for sealing connections should be used in all of the places where the chimney connects with the roof or touches the wall. The application of these products will allow you to significantly improve the durability of the whole roof and reduce any chance of leakage. Remember to choose products which are flexible and can be easily matched to the uneven structure of any roof. Chimney tapes in our offer provide high-quality insulation, protect from changing weather conditions and UV radiation. They are also burst and cracking resistant. You can buy them in a couple of most popular colours such as black, brown, cherry, anthracite and brick red. Thanks to that wide selection you will be able to match them perfectly to the design of your own roof. 


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