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The TOOLCO tradition begins in 1985 in the United States, Chicago, as a producer of wire and tinplate components to various branches of industry. One of the customers is well-known automotive group Cadillac Chevrolet. As the political and economical climate changed in Poland during the late 80's, TOOLCO eventually transferes its headquarters in 1991 to Poland and stars production of metal parts for automotive companies like FSO, DEAWOO and FIAT. Up to 1993, TOOLCO expands the range of production and delivers components also to various electonical branches. In 1995 a new field of production is created, TOOLCO PACKAGING. These are products which are used to protect cargo transported by sea and land like wire buckles, metal seals, buckles for PET and PP straps, lift eyes, dispensers, hand tools and plastic corners. The constantly growing number of customers and the demand for our products leads to the creation in 2003 of the second Toolco branch in Mońki, where the lines for galvanizing, phosphating and powder coating of metal elements are purchased. Another investment is the new main TOOLCO office of in Białystok, built in 2006.
A few years later, in 2010, due to wide TOOLCO's machine park, another branch is been started, TOOLCO ROOFSYSTEM - roof accessories. These are snow protection systems, roof walkways, ridge tapes, chimney tapes, roof valleys, eaves accessories, tiles clips, ventillation chimneys, protects against birds. In response to customers' requirements, wide range of products, services and production capacity continues to be increased to the benefit of customers throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

/Our team

Everything we have achieved so far is due to the joint work of the entire team. It is thanks to our ripping, willingness and ambition that we can constantly develop and launch new productions.
We really want all Toolco employees to feel appreciated and involved because it's people who create the company.


Technology and man is a partnership that results in development. Quality control at the stage of product planning and implementation is one of the basic factors of its success. TOOLCO has production halls and technological lines in which prototypes and serial lines of our products are created. We ensure the creation of a variety of steel details, which thanks to the technologies available in our facilities are characterized not only by the precision of performance, but also by the competitiveness of prices. TOOLCO's production is based on ISO 9001: 2015.


TOOLCO, despite many years of industry experience, is constantly building a branch of innovative products that respond to the increasing competitiveness of many industries. It is it that opens us to new needs and perspectives. The engineering concept of TOOLCO is born in the research center of our company, where several dozens of innovative products are created and developed every year.