Packaging accessories perfect for your business

Packaging accessories manufactured by TOOLCO are used to secure cargo transported by land, sea and air. Our offer includes wire buckles, metal seals and other clips applicable in all kinds of packaging tapes like polypropylene PP, polyester PET (hard), polyester FIBROUS (soft), woven and composite, protective plastic corners, strapping and foil dispensers, hand tools for strappings, lift eye, as well as label overhangs. All of those packaging supplies and tools are produced from high quality materials that are meant to protect your package regardless of the weather.


Roofing accessories are commonly used in roof constructions regardless of their type. Their task is to ensure proper functioning of roofs and solid protection against external factors. Metal roofing accessories are characterized by a solid and durable construction, made of a material that provides them with strength and long life without losing their properties and effectiveness. In our offer you will find a wide range of roofing accessories, which have been divided into several categories, each of which concerns a different hazard and specific type of protection.

What kind of dangers do metal roofing accessories protect against?

The roof is constantly exposed to external factors. It is the highest plane of the building's structure, so it must be best protected against the effects of difficult weather conditions. Roofing accessories ensure proper thermal insulation of the building, which allows to maintain proper temperature inside and minimize heat loss, which translates into lower operating costs. In our offer you will also find roofing accessories, which minimize the effects of natural roof aging, slowing down the process. It is extremely important to protect the chimney against UV radiation and related effects such as cracking the chimney structure. We also offer all sorts of snow shields, so that the snow on the roof does not endanger people in the vicinity of the building, as well as does not burden the roof structure. Metal roofing accessories are also protection against lightning during a storm.

Roofing accessories as complete roof protection

Feel free to browse our wide range of metal roofing accessories. These include roofing membranes, fireplace and eaves accessories, roof tile clips, snow protection, lightning and sealing systems.


TOOLCO specializes in the production of wire and steel tape products applicable in the branches like automotive, agricultural, household appliances, electrical, furniture and lightning industries.