Lightning protection system


The blitzschutzsystem, or the lightning protection system, provides protection against the effects of lightning. Some people believe that lightning always strikes the highest point in the area and, as a result, they don't install the lighting protection system (blitzschutzsystem) on their buildings. In fact, every building should be equipped with such a system, because it is impossible to say which object can be struck during a storm. According to the recommendations, the lightning protection system should be installed on all buildings 15 meters high. However, it is good practice to install it on lower facilities as well. 

Elements of the lightning protection system 

What exactly does the lightning protection system (blitzschutzsystem) consist of? It consists of several elements that are available in our offer. Thanks to this, with our help you can create a complete lightning protection system (blitzschutzsystem) for every building, both residential and public. 

The system uses rods made of galvanized steel, copper and stainless steel that are responsible for receiving the lightning currents; then, there are drain wires that connect the lightning rod with the ground wires, which in turn connect it to the earth electrodes. 

The earth electrodes are another important element of the lightning protection system (blitzschutzsystem); they are placed in the ground and they earth the lightning strikes. We connect them to all the elements protruding from the roof

Controlling the such protection system (blitzschutzsystem)

To make sure our system works efficiently and ensures safety, we should use high-quality components that are installed correctly. The lightning protection system (blitzschutzsystem) should be installed by a specialist, following all safety rules. It should be then inspected and checked twice a year, preferably in spring and autumn, as storms tend to occur in these seasons most frequently. During the inspection, all the connections of terminals, grounding and wiring are checked.  Our offer has safe, well-designed elements that let the roof maintain in good shape such eaves accessories


4-holes transverse joint

2-elements universal joint

Gutter joint

4-holes finishing joint

Ridge tile grip Universal

Ridge tile grip G5 MAX

Peak roof grip

Roof grip with slab

Wire grip on the rabbet

Plastic grip (clip)

Lightning setup pipe

Grip with pin

Grip under the roof tiles

Concrete grip in the plastic

Concrete grip in the plastic

Control and measurement ground box for elevation

Control and measurement ground box

Case of ground control joint

Case of ground control joint

Downpipe grape

Universal grape

Eye to eye turnbuckle

Grounding rod

Chimney spire

Double gander spine

Grounding mast with metal base

3-meters grounding set

Roof grab with slab

Universal ridge tile grip

Grounding mast with 5-leg base

Plastic mast for high voltage wire

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