Wire and steel tapes bending, other services

TOOLCO specializes in the manufacture of wire and steel tape products applicable in the following branches of industry:

    Packaging industry:

      Packaging accessories - wire clips, metal clips, clips for PET tapes, clips for steel tapes, clamps, tags, lifting lugs.

    Motor industry:

    • Wire parts for car seats,
    • Welded elements,
    • Sleeves for headrests,
    • Fixing elements - pecial nuts, clips, links, fixing plates, spring elements, fixing clamps, hooks/loofs, hangers, links,
    • Car hood supports,
    • Moving elements – evers, strings, stops, supports, handles, sleeves, springs, locks,
    • Lighting elements – prings H3, H4, spring elements, fixing plates, lamp clips,
    • Other products applicable in motor industry: wire rings, pressed elements, jumpers, wire clips, clamps, electric fixtures elements, breathe systems fixtures elements and others.

    Farming machines and equipment:

      Springs - spring fingers (pins), springs, pulling and press strings, swing springs, stiffening,

      Fixing elements - pins, clips, stops, supports, handles, tgs, plugs, special clips, clamps, clamping rings, fasteners, stebofix,

    Radio/TV / Household equipment:

      TOOLCO manufactures wire and steel tapes components for the following household equipment: Washing machines, dryers, cookers, ventilating hoods, microvawe ovens, blenders, vacuum cleaners and others.
    • Pressed elements, ,
    • Spring elements - springs,
    • Fixing elementy – plates, clips, loofs, clamps, fasteners, locks,
    • Welded elements - grids, stiffening, casing protection, others

    Electric/technical / Electrotools:

      The range of our products applicable in electrical engineering and electrotools comprises various: Spring elements, fixing plates, springs, clips, loofs, casing elements, stiffening, protection, clipping elements, steel tape clips,


      Furniture fittings - pressed plates, angle brckets, fixtures, fasteners,

      Spring elements – Springs, stiffening, sofa components, welded elements,

    Lighting industry:

      Spring elements manufacture - spring plates, pressed elements, springs, quick-coupling, clips, fixing plates, brass cut elements, plugs, spring sleeves, electric sockets clips, electric terminals, clips, etc.

Department supports:
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