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Are you planning the construction of a roof on a new building? Or maybe you want to restore the old one? You’ve come to the right place - Toolco is an online store that provides the best roof and chimney supplies on the market. If you want to make sure that your home is adequately secured, you need to choose high-quality accessories made from top materials. One of the most important elements of any roof is a professional roof membrane. This particular product is essential if you want to protect the roof structure from moisture and water damage. PVC roofing membrane creates an insulation layer that not only prevents any leakages, but it also significantly reduces the energy expenditure devoted to the heating process of the building.  

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Roof membranes can be placed directly on the boarding or even on the thermal insulation itself. They are resistant to mechanical damage, such as tearing or abrasions, and their assembly process is quite fast and uncomplicated. It is worth noting that our products are carefully researched and designed and they don’t contain any hazardous substances that can be found on the REACH list. Remember that our offer doesn’t end only with PVC roofing membranes - be sure to explore the rest of the chimney accesories and roof supplies such as sealing tapes, chimney accessories, roof valleys, lightning protection systems and other materials.
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