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The leak tightness of the roof determines its lifespan and the comfort and convenience of those who live underneath. It also affects the economic aspects of the building, including utility bills. The roof is an area that is particularly exposed to moisture, water and wind. Clips for roof tiles are one of the elements of its construction. They are used for clamping and fixing tiles. They come in various shapes and types. They are made of galvanized metal, which is highly resistant to corrosion. We offer both universal roof tile clips and those designed for specific types of roof tiles. 

What are the roof tile clips for?

Roof tile clips are used to make it easier to attach the roof tiles to the roof structure itself. Thanks to them, it is possible to perform all assembly works faster, as there is no need to drill mounting holes in tiles, which significantly reduces the working time and results in greater accuracy. The correct arrangement of clips leads to better leak tightness and durability of the roof, which is more resistant to water, wind and moisture. Alongside with hooks and other tile accessories guarantee a proper roof protection.   

How to use clips for roof tiles properly?

There should be no gaps between the roof tiles and the slope should have the right angle, to make sure the water flows down and does not get under the tile. With our clips for roof tiles, we put the roof tiles one into another. Clamping should be done very carefully and it is important to use clips on the entire surface of the roof. Sometimes they are used only on the outer tiles, which is a mistake that results in lower leak tightness. In most cases, it is recommended to clip every third tile at an angle; more clips should be used when the roof is exposed to strong wind. Become familiar with lightning protection system to make your property a safer place.  



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